June donat day

First Friday of June every year


Free Donuts

Today is your day to get a donut—for free. Local, independent donut shops as well as national donut chain stores are handing out free donuts.

There are many news articles about Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme giving out free donuts today, click here for an example.


 Began in 1938

National Donut Day began as a fund raising event by the Chigaco Salvation Army to aid the needy during the Great Depression and to honor Salvation Army Lassies of WWI who served doughnuts to soldeiers. Click here for Wikipedia’s report on this.

“Doughnut” or “Donut”

This is discussed on the web. it is rather inconclusive. The bottom line seems to be “Who cares — as long as they taste great?”

 Click here for this topic on flikr.

The Shiply Company says they have done much research about this (click here) and has concluded that, since they spell it “donut” and since they make the best donut (so they say) the correct speldling is “donut.”


National Doughnut Week in the U.K.

Click here to get to the U.K.’s National Doughnut Week, May 8-16, on our Calendar.