American Gothic is the most parodied American painting. Worldwide it’s running neck and neck with the Mona Lisa.

The painting is a blank slate. To tell their own stories, people manipulate the couple, the clothes they are wearing, the tool in his right hand, and the house.

Keeping up with the times


Self portrait, 1932

Grant Wood was born on February 13, 1891 in Anamosa, Iowa. His mother moved the family to Cedar Rapids after his father died in 1901. Click here for a thorough biography of his education and artistic career in

Photo ops in Eldon Iowa

The house is now owned by the State Historical Society of Iowa

What’s in the house? Proper attire for photo ops

What’s in the house? Pitchforks for photo ops

Photo op

COVID wears on

As COVID wears on, they’ve given up, gone indoors

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