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In addition to 13 stories (a baker’s dozen) of people turning ordinary into extraordinary, there’s also information about 150 festivals, contests/competitions, birth anniversaries of historic dullsters, and “National Days” that celebrate the ordinary.

Carhenge in Nebraska — automotive replica of Stonehenge — marvelous story of turning ordinary (old cars) into extraordinary (a significant tourist attraction)

Humorous road signs — photographed by musician on tour

Concertmaster of the Utah Symphony — the music is just a cover and a way to carry out her true passion of finding humorous road signs

Tiger Hood — golfing on the streets of New York City

Tiger, using half pint milk cartons stuffed with newspaper as golf balls, practicing his drive on Jersey Street in SoHo.


Will Smith, during a lesson from Tiger, hits a hole in one on Minutia Lane in Greenwich Village.

Will taking selfie with Tiger to celebrate the hole in one

American Gothicana — parodies of American Gothic

For 50 years, Stanford Professor Emerita of Art History, Wanda Corn, has been collecting parodies of Grant Woods’ American Gothic.

Wanda Corn and Stanford U president Kennedy with Memorial Church in background

COVID Gothic

Socially distanced

Pitchfork abandoned on the grass, isolating in house

Calendar ends with a Happy Holidays page — Christmasy items from people in the calendar

Christmas jumper/sweater parodies of American Gothic from Iowa; football (soccer) stickers from Italy; cycling jerseys from the Netherlands; airsickness bags in Massachusetts; red rubbish bin in Hong Kong; Christmas tree decorated with over 100 miniature chairs in Georgia; EiBrot (egg bread) in Germany; postbox toppers by a yarnbomber in Wales

The baker’s dozen — glimpses of the 13 people in the calendar are on the back cover

Front Cover