World Gurning Championships — held Saturday 15 September
in Egremont in Cumbria

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Tommy Mattinson, winner

Contestants put their heard through a horse collar, then make their faces as ugly as possible.

There were about 50 contestants. They were divided into three sections: men, women, and junior.

Contestants are judged on the extent to which their faces change.

Mattinson, who has now won each year for the past 14 years, said, “I’m please to ahve won again. My neck’s sore, but other thath that I’m OK.”

Helen Irving, a first-time contestant from Newcastle, won in the women’s section.

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“No Shows” — gurners who didn’t show up for the event — they were gurning elsewhere?:

gurning queen



gurning obama 


gurning prescott 


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Hey, how about me?