stapler and paper clips

A decision we face daily: staple or paper clip?

We have researched this as well as discussed it at DMC meetings and even at dinner parties.

In favor of staples:

  • More secure
  • Fun to use the stapler, that feel in our hand when the stapler staples
  • Nice to hear the sound the stapler makes
  • Staples add less bulk than paper clips to files

In favor of paper clips:

  • Cheaper because they are reusable
  • Cheaper because no need to buy a stapler
  • Avoids annoyance of a jammed stapler
  • Avoids foot picking up staple (ouch) that has fallen on floor
  • Good for bigger batches of papers—paper clips are available in much bigger sizes than staples
  • More colorful—paper clips, but not staples, come in varying colors

Both? Belt and Suspenders?

  • Use both a staple and paper clip, have advantages of both
  • Use one then the other, use paper clip to hold papers in position for stapling: first get papers positioned, then held together with paper clip, then staple, then remove paper clip