Blog New Year's Resolutons

Do we need to make any — aren’t we OK the way we are?

DMC member Emil Bentgen, Cross Junction, Virginia, emailed an article “5 weird New Year’s resolutions” to us that has us thinking.

1.   Subscribe to more trade journals

We like this one, some fine suggestions — examples:

Pit & Quarry (learn about ready-mix gravel)

New Year Res Pit & Quarry

Elevator World (circulation goes up and down)

New Year Res Elevator world

Bulk Transporter

New Year Res Bulk Transporter

Coal Age

Coal Age

2.  Wave to fellow motorists at 4-way stops

This might be too weird for us. And it takes up time. When we are at a stop sign, all we really want to do is start moving again, not wave to people.

New Year Res 4 way stop;

3.  Collect air sick bags from every major airline

We this in the Collections and Museums section of our website: Air Sickness Bags . There are several collections already. But of there’s always room for more.

New Year Res

4.  Try extreme ironing

Why would we want to go way up to a mountain top to iron? We like iron in the comfort of our home. There’s no view to distract us. We focus on ironing.

New Year Res ironing

5.  Knit more sweaters for freezing trees

Are these really needed?

New Year Res tree sweaters