Free Yourself

I came across the article “Let Structure Set You Free” by Missy Ward recently in FeedFront, the magazine for Affiliate Summit. (I was reading the magazine’s agenda for the Affiliate Summit conference I attended in Philadelphia.)

Structure sets us free? Really? Doesn’t structure restrict? No, structure frees our minds, at least that what I find. When I have things to do and other concerns, if I simply write them on a piece of paper, then one by one get them done and crossed out. It takes the load off my mind. I enjoy the day.

The article succinctly sets out on one page how to let structure set us free:

1.  Make a schedule (pay attention to when we are most energetic).

2.  Make use of tech tools (apps for scheduling and avoiding wasted time).

3.  Batch tasks (doing similar tasks in one sitting).

4.  Outsource (you can be “boss” of your own outsourcing team).

I think our members will enjoy the article, especially those retiring from full-time jobs or leaving full-time jobs to pursuer their entrepreneurial dreams.

A few words about Affiliate Summit:

•  Largest affiliate marketing conference in the world.

•  Founded by Missy Ward and Shawn Collins in 2003.

•  Provides educational sessions on the latest Industry issues and fostering a productive networking environment for affiliate marketers.

•  Attendance has multiplied tenfold — from 50 attending in 2003 to 5,000 in 2013.

I learned not only about affiliate ads but also about foundational steps for advertising as well as simply getting messages out tolarger audiences. Examples of helpful lectures: how to build a website (a demonstration of building a WordPress website in half an hour); writing high-quality blogs, newsletters, and emails; effective use of social media (Facebook and Twitter and others).

Other DMC members may want to attend a future Affiliate Summit conference. Or, if your kids or grandkids handle your technology, send them — would make a fine birthday or Christmas gift.