I used to think it was somewhat “unnatural” to find interest in mundane things such as shovels or lawn mowers.

It was pleasant for me to find there are other men that share my interests in the quirky or “unexciting” aspects of this world. For example, its a good thing to know the luggage carousels in Sarajevo run counter clockwise.

To me, the Dull Men’s Club is a portal to many fascinating aspects of our lives. Such as the electronic calculator museum, or various air sickness bag collections and yes, the shovel museum.

Lest anyone think I spend my days as a “couch potato”, I should inform your readers I keep physically fit, participate in Duathlons, (run, bike, run) or regular road races. I’m also, fairly handy around the house (as are most dull men).

My one guilty pleasure: owning a ZO6 Chevy Corvette. I should add the 505hp ZO6 Corvette has a 22 cubic foot trunk (boot) and gets 28 miles per gallon. Practicality in a world class, 200 mph sports car was one of my requirements.

Feel free to contact me for more in depth analysis.

Andy DiPalma