B needle in haystack
Sven Sachsalber looking for needle in haystack

Why? “Because I’m taking an everyday expression and enacting it… my art is about ordinary things… look, please I don’t want to be rude, but I don’t like to talk when I’m working,” says Sven Sachsalber, a 27 year old artist, photographer, and sculptor who is looking for a needle in a haystack in an art gallery in Paris.

Sven spent 12 hours yesterday, and will spend another 12 hours today, looking for the needle. His performance will end if/when he finds it.

Sven lives in New York. He’s originally from the Italian Tyrol.

This is reported today in the article “Sven Sachsalber, the artist literally looking for a needle in a haystack” in the Independent on Sunday.

Also in the Daily MailGrass roots art: Artist searches for a needle in a haystack, literally, as part of installation at the Palais de Tokyo gallery in Paris.”

Thanks to Steve Reszetniak for informing us about this.

Leland Carlson
16 November 2015