Cal blurg to Amazon

Amazon has it now in the USA, click on the excerpt shown above or click here to get to their page for it.

It’s turning out to be a best seller in the UK. We think many in the USA will want it as well, perhaps for a man you tease about being dull, or for a man who’s too frisky, you’d like to show him how to dull down. They will be great stocking stuffers.

We will be restocking Amazon soon. If they have run out when you try to order, you can email us to get on the list we will be emailing out when restocking is completed:

For some insight into the calendar, you can click here to watch five minutes from Deutsche Welle TV (Germany’s equivelant of CNN and BBC World Service).

What’s inside?:

There’s the holder of the Guiness World Record for collecting traffic cones:

 Cal screenshot traffic cones

Apostrophe Protection Society:

Cal screenshot apostrophe

Roundabout Appreciation Society:

Cal screenshot 4

125 events “Celebrating the Ordinary” thought 2015 are listed for each month:

Aug Events