American Pharoah

Watching the race the race Saturday was exciting indeed, almost too exciting for a dull man. But if I only do it every 37 years, I suppose that’ll be OK.

We in the Dull Men’s Club by and large prefer slower, less exciting races — races of snails, worms, turtles and tortoises, ferrets.

But I must admit, I enjoyred wathicng yesterday’s race.

Once the race was over, I had two concerns.

American Pharaoh won by 5.5 lengths. How much is that? I googled and found that a length is eight feet. So American Pharoah won by 44 feet. Why eight feet, it’s the length of a horse?

The misspelling? We understand it came from a mistake in the horse’s registration paperwork. A fan, when submitting the name in an online contest to name the horse, spelled “pharaoh” wrong. The misspelled name was entered on the electronic form to the site where owners register their horses. The owners apparently didn’t mind as they applied for and obtained the trademark for it.

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