• Reliable
  • Handy to have around the house
  • Especially in the kitchen – they love to do the washing up
  • When driving, unlike some men who believe “Real Men Don’t Read Maps,” dull men love to read maps
  • And, afterwards, know how to fold up the maps
  • “I like the dulll man that’s in my life because he has a place for everything and puts everything in its place.” Philippa W., London
  • A dull man keeps the fridge sorted:

  • “I like my husband even though some people think he’s dull — he’s polite.” Barbara G., New York City
  • “I have a dull man in my life now – he follows the Golden Rule. This is an upgrade from my previous boyfriend whose rule was, ‘Do it to others before they do it to you’.” Ester Morehouse, Provo Utah
  • I used to be one of those women who’d say, “I only need a man once a year — to rotate my mattress.” But then I met my present husband. He does so many things around the house, many more things that just rotating the mattress. Of course he rotates the mattress also. But more than once a year. He found  instructions that say mattresses should be rotated every two weeks, which he does now religiously. My Mr. Wonderful says you dull men may enjoy reading the instructions from the website, so here they are:

It’s wise to rotate your mattress every two weeks. After you first purchase your mattress, wait two weeks, then flip your mattress counter-clockwise for half a turn. Make sure you fit the mattress to the foundation, since this will preserve the mattress.

Once another two weeks have passed, you once again rotate the mattress, but this time slowly. Rotate it counter clockwise ¼ turn, raise it on its side with the top facing the headboard, then gently lower it onto the opposite side. Finish with another counter-clockwise ¼ turn. Rotate mattress counter clockwise ¼ turn.

In another two weeks, flip your mattress counter-clockwise for half a turn again. Remember to fit the mattress to the foundation once again. Repeat this routine for as long as your mattress lasts. By following the rotation cycle, you can make it last for a long time.

Jane Epley, London