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“Two More Things”


Neil collects bricks, Kevin is a roundabout enthusiast, John runs the Apostrophe Protection Society, and Keith’s actual job is watching paint dry. They are passionate about the everyday, unglamorous things life had on offer. They urge normal, ordinary men and women to join them in recognizing ‘It’s OK to be dull’.

2017 calendar

2017 DMC Calendar — selling again after the claim against the DMC aired on the Judge Rinder court show on the 26th of November (Americans: it’s a show like Judge Judy’s). DMC won.

A few leftover copies remain to be purchased — now at a deep discount price of £3.50

The calendar is still interesting to read — 13 men and women ‘Celebrating the Ordinary’ (the 13th was the plaintiff). And 150 events throughout the year. Most of these events still take place, although not at the dates shown in the calendar. Figuring out the current dates can be fun, a typical thing dull men enjoy doing.

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