Hello Dullmen web site People,

This is a great site. very funny. and no, not too exciting.

i have noticed a few things that seem to be typos on the site – for example on this page – https://dullmensclub.com/new/park-benches.html. This is in the second paragraph about Park Benches – the word “doping” – “watch people trying to enjoy themselves doping in-and-trendy things.”

Also there are two words in the following that have rather eccentric, exciting spelling which you may prefer to alter –

“Much of Central Park’s achienfments in this regard are attributlat to the great work of the Central Park ” – and then the word “Conservancy” is way down on the next line.

Anyway, thanks for providing and truly dull and wonderful web site for us to visit [exclamation mark removed]



Thanks for pointing these things out to us. We appreciate it. We appreciate it so much that we award caps and T-shirts for good deeds like this.

We are not sure you were aware of this. If not, we apologizeve for springing this exciting news on you.

We have made the corrections on the website.