la traffic cop good one

I was watching CBS’s “Sunday Morning” yesterday. There was an amazing story about a traffic copy in LA — Elton Simmons — who has an amazing record of complaints from drivers he’s issued tickets to.

Zero complaints. That’s for 25,000 arrests over a 20-year period.

 Simmons was not even aware of his record. “It’s just how I do it every day,” he said.

How does he do it?

•  His attitude is different than most traffic cops. He not the typical hard-nosed traffic cops.

•  He has a pitch-perfect mix of authority and diplomacy.

•  He does not lecture. Instead he gives the drivers the benefit of the bout. They still get the ticket. But they don’t get the guilt trip.

•  “You know what it is, it’s his smile” said a driver who got a ticket from Simmons. “He’s got a great smile. He’s a nice guy. How could you be mad at that guy?”

•  “Some are downright smitten,” a CBS reporter writes.

To see more about this on CBS, click here.

I wish we had traffic cops like this where I live.

Ralph Rhodes