Dear DMC,

I think that David Morgan deserves a mention for his collection of over five hundred traffic cones.

There is no site to go with this only a newspaper article:

Traffic cones

“It’s really interesting,” he said. “There are so many different shapes, sizes and colours. And the models are always changing.”

“I’ll find out where the roadworks are and go and look for them. But the best ones are from more unusual places, like village halls and from undertakers – who always have different ones, and look after them. Everywhere I go, I collect them, but I always take new ones with me and swap them. I would never pinch one, as they’re a safety product.”

I heard Mr Morgan talk about his collection on Radio 4 a few years ago when he only had a couple of hundred.

If I was still in the UK I would contact him and offer to photograph his collection and set up a website.


Peter Foster


Dear Peter,

This is great. We will add it to our Collections & Museums page.

And link to it from our Appreciatoin Societies page — there are two socieites for traffic cones.