magazine subscription cards

Do you get annoyed with all those subscription solicitation cards that fall out of magazines?

Pop the cards in a mailbox. Let them go back to the magazine company. The company needs to pay the postage even if the cards are not filled out. But if you want to file them out [dull men like to fill out forms], instead of writing your name and address, express your thoughts about these cards.

The cards are what the U.S Postal Service (USPS) calls Business Reply Mail (BRM). The companies pay the postage only if/when a card is returned.

We have a solution that not just a win-win solution, it’s a win-win-win-win-win-win-win solution:

•  Win:  when sent back to the magazine company, they no longer litter the environment

•  Win:  penalizes the magazine companies since they need to pay the postage

•  Win:  revenue for the post offices, helps balance their budgets

•  Win:  the magazine company will need to pay the postage, which will raise revenue for the post offices, will help balance their budgets

•  Win:  paying postage discourages magazine companies from using the cards

•  Win:  ladies—use for blotting lipstick

•  Win:  revenge

Facebook — we found someone has set up a page about this: “Those Annoying Subscrition Cards That Fall Out of Magazines”