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Yesterday’s election for UK’s political leaders was not the only important election yesterday in the UK. There also was a hotly-contested election of a national bird.

UK’s bird lovers initially came up with a list of 60 birds. This was narrowed down to a short list of ten.

B vote for nat bird 1

We’re now anxiously awaiting the result of the voting that took place yesterday for the pecking order of the ten birds.

The UK has never had a national bird, which is rather ironic as bird watching is a British invention. And Britain has brought several species back being extinguished, e.g., the red kite and the white-tailed eagle.

America has had a national bird since 1787 when they chose the eagle. (Benjamin Frankly wanted the turkey.) France has the rooster, Brazil the thrush, India the peacock.

The shortlist is:

barn owl

B barn owl


B blackbird

blue tit

B blue tit

hen harrier

B hen harrier


B kingfisher

mute swan

B mute swan


B puffin

red kite

B red kite


B Robin


B wren

The organiser of the election is avid birdwatcher and blogger David Lindo, The Urban Birder. He expects it will be a beak to beak race among the barn owl, blackbird, wren, robin, that there might not be a clear winner, and a coalition could be formed following intense backstabbing and bickering as the birds got in a flap:

•  The robin despite looking like it could not hurt a fly wouldn’t think twice about attacking any opponent and killing them.

•  The blackbird is a charmer and it will sing sweetly.

•  The barn owl is wise and will observe and take notes and when its screeches everyone listens.

•  The wren, despite its tiny size, has a loud voice.

B puffin flyng