Museum of Taxes

Here is a museum about something that is right up our alley: taxes.  Our attention is grabbed because we understand that the purpose of this museum is to learn about the routine work of the tax department.  Wow, it doesn’t get much better than that for dull men: routine, tax and dull.

The purpose of the Museum of Tax, Israel is to:

  • Centralize a collection about taxes in the ancient world and in Jewish communities of the Diaspora, and also about taxation in Israel, through its history.
  • To be a “show window” through which the public can learn about the development of taxes, and about the routine work of the tax department.

Activities offered by the museum are:

  • Tours for individuals and organized groups; [does this mean that disorganized groups cannot join the tours?]
  • Professional guidance (optional); [does this mean that the other activities are mandatory?]
  • Recommended as a source of information and inspiration for research and study activities in the field of taxation; [we look forward to going there for inspiration.]
  • There also is a page about the History of the Museum.  The history is a full 43 words long.

[Thanks to Josh Segal from Harvard Law School for informing this about this museum]


Tax History Museum

The Tax History Museum is a virtual museum which provides a synthetic overview of the history of American taxation (1660 – present). Incorporating both narrative text and multimedia source materials, the museum offers a concise summary of American revenue policy and politics.

Grover is happy beyond words to learn about this museum.