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The news over the weekend about Paul McKenna using a spreadsheet for choosing his wife caught our attention. We like spreadsheets. We love constructing them. We love reading them.

Paul and the spreadsheet's winner, Kate Davey

Paul and the spreadsheet winner Kate Davey (Paul’s personal assistant for many years)

We’d like to read a spreadsheet for choosing a wife. What are the column headings?  Will Paul make his spreadsheet available online or in a book, just as a template, not with private data entered on it?

Paul is a BritishTV broadcaster, hypnotist, and author of 12 international bestselling self-help books. He could make self-help tools for choosing a wife could be his next book. Example of titles up to now: Control Stress: Stop Worrying and Feel Good Now, Instant Confidence, I Can Make You Sleep.

Could Paul be one of us? Some of our members, the more boring ones, have been accused of making people sleep. Moreover, celebrities can be partially dull; despite the glamorous aspects of their lives, there are calm aspects as well:

•  Rod Stewart is a model railroad enthusiast. So was Frank Sinatra.

•  Alan Shearer enjoys creosoting his fence

•  Jeremy  Corbyn photographes manhole covers.

Sinatra with locomotive

Sinatra with locomotive

News articles:

Paul McKenna: ‘I made an Excel spreadsheet to find out who I really loved‘” in the Observer

“‘Paul McKenna: ‘I chose my wife by Excel spreadsheet‘” in the Telegraph

January 4, 2016