5 March — Shrove Tuesday every year since 1445



In 1445 the Olney Pancake Race began when the Shriving Bell at the local church, the Church of St. P:eter and St. Paul, rang to signal the start of the Shrove Tuesday church service. A local housewife, who was frying pancakes, heard the bell. She panicked. She ran to the church in her apron and still holding her frying pan. The women of Olney recreated this race every year after that. The prize is a kiss from the verger.


Shrove Tuesday is called Mardis GrasFin Latin countries. It also is called Fat Tuesday in some parts of the world. It, of course, is also known as Pancake Day. Click here for info about the day on Wikipedia.


For info about this historic day, click here to get to the Olney Town Council’s website and here for coverage on Wikipedia.