Minigolf in Scarborough last summer, the 900th course we played on. Now total courses played on is 948.

How’s lockdown been for the Gottfrieds?

Disappointment at first. We had to cancel a big tour. We had been planing to play 16 courses in the Bournemouth area in April. Other plans were cancelled as well. All of that’s been put on hold for now.

Others are saying the pause button has been pushed and now we have time to catch up on things — same for you?

Yes indeed. We’ve been catching up on paperwork, writing, and spreadsheets.

We love tickable lists. We’re made a bucket list of things to do after lockdown. We have several lists about minigolf as well a list of art trails to visit and a list of seasides—we like to walk on the piers.

Do you miss not golfing?

Yes, of course. But not all is lost. We can golf and even play with others from our home. A system on the internet has been developed in Australia for this.

Richard greeting us in his living room


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Boredom breeds creativity. Any ideas pop up?

Yes indeed — two new things. The first came about when we went for the one hour of exercise allowed each day. We started taking photos pubs in Cheadle Hume. Soon a tickable list arose. We ended up photographing all eleven pubs on the list.

In mid May we were allowed to go farther afield. We’ve now photographed 150 pubs in the Stockport area. 100 left to go.

A favourite: The Crown Inn on Heaton Lane in Stockport town centre

The other thing is darts online. We are used to playing darts with friend in pubs as well as on the dart board we have at home. In lockdown we discovered we can play it with others using Zoom and WhatsApp. We play that way now with by brother who lives in Norfolk and my parents who live in Oxfordshire.

You seem to be coping OK. How about others you know?

Some of our friends say they are lost, particularly those who are avid football fans since all games have been called off.

Some are learning how to cope, are learning how to live a simpler life.

What are you looking forward to once lockdown ends?

We have that post-lockdown bucker list to tick our way through.

Seeing family and friends again will be nice. It’s great that technology has made it possible to keep in touch during lockdown and we’ll continue doing it that way but it’ll also nice to meet face to face.