The Poetry of Compost,” by Paul Kingsnorth in Ecologist, May 2009

Our summary:

Even in darkest months of winter, your compost heap is a lively part of your garden. It continues to live, work, and grow.



It may simply look like a pile of brown sludge, rotting food waste, cut grass, bits of torn-up cardboard and the remains of last week’s dinner, but this is where it all happens:

•  It is the base from which the soil is renewed and life given back to the exhausted earth. Without this, there would be no food.

•  It is the fount of life itself.

•  It is the ultimate in recycling.

What happens within it is pure poetry:

•  A collection of disparate elements is gathered together and reordered into something new.

•  A magical, semi-understandable process takes place that transmutes useless or discarded substances into something precious and life-giving.

•  All of life’s miracles are on show in this small, smelly area of your garden — your compost heap.

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