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“The humble spud. Not much to look at, admittedly.
But in our hands it becomes the ultimate feel-good food.”

Am dining at a great restaurant for a Dull Man — a restaurant that specializes in mashed potatoes — Mother Mash on Ganton Street just off Canaby Street.

Lovely day here. It’s in the 70s (Fahrenheit), mid 20s (Celsius). Am sitting at a table outdoors, out in front of the restaurant.

Mother Mash serves:

•  Six types of mashed potatoes: Classic Mash, Cheesy Mash, Cheesy Mustard Mash, Chap Mash, Horseradish Mash, Colcannon Mash.

•  Eight types of sausages and/or six types of pie to go with the mashed potatoes: Premium Pork, Cumberland, Lincolnshire, Pork & Leak, Pork & Chili, Beef & Guinness, Lamb & Mint, Vegetable & Herb.

•  Six types of pie to go with the mashed potatoes: Aberdeen Angus Steak; Chicken, Leek, & Ham, Ham & Rosemary, Minced Beef, Vegetarian

•  Five types of gravy to go on the mashed potatoes: Traditional, Onion, Farmer’s Gravy, Liquor, Veggie

Mashed or Bashed? You can choose between velvety-smooth mashed or “bashed,” which includes some bits that give it texture.

mother mash

Typical I suppose for a Dull Man, I had Classic Mash (mashed, not bashed), Traditional Gravy, Minced Beef. The other flavors are good to see on the menu, however, in case you are there with excitment-seeking friends.

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May 25, 2012