Mike in his post office at Penn State

We first posted this in 2013. We’re wondering how Mike is doing now. Is his great work still going on? Can anyone reading this now provide an update — contactus@dullmensclub.com? Thanks

Mike epitomizes our motto “Celebrating the Ordinary.” He’s having a great time doing what is often thought of as a dull job — and customers enjoy it too. “I don’t mind waiting in line, even though I need only one stamp,” a customer says. There often are ten to twelve customers in line.   

Mike is the sole employee at the campus post office at Penn State University. He’s had the job since 1978.

Post office employees often are candidates for “Disgruntled Employees of the Month.” But not Mike. “If you’re gong to be someplace for eight hours, make it fun not only for yourself but for costumers as well,” says Mike.

His post office is a welcoming place on the campus.

When a customer shows up with new sneakers,
Mike rings a bell and holds up a sign

Kindness begets kindness.

When someone is mailing a birthday card belatedly, Mike pulls out a rubber stamp that stamps official-looking words “I sent this last week” on the card.

“I want to send this as cheaply as possible,” as student asks. “How about sending it ‘postage due’?” Mike replies.

Wrapping Classes are held early on Tuesday mornings. They begin at 6:03 a.m.

Every so often someone suggests Mike run for higher office. But he’s content just where he is.

Contentment — one of the hallmarks of our DMC members.

A final thing to point out, something that assures us he’s one of us. Mike has a photographic memory of ZIP codes.

Annual Homecoming Parade

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