Pylon Appreciation Society


The Pylon Appreciation Society was formed by Flash Wilson in 2005.

The Pylon Appreciation Society welcomes new members. It’s simple to join and costs only £10 for a lifetime membership.  New member receive a welcome pack containing a card enabling access the members-only section of the website. The pack also includes your member’s badge and a Parts of a Pylon poster.

The Pylon Appreciation Society holds photography competitions. Peter Anchor, a competition winner, said “These pylons are my favorites as they are very big and show their power and might. The pylons are at Blackstone Edge in Littlebrough, Greater Manchester.”  The DMC believe that Peter has a great future ahead of him as an award-winning pylon photographer.   In addition, with the lovely clouds in the background, Peter’s picture could probably win an award at The Cloud Appreciation Society as well.

pylon forestA Pylon Forest, Germany