October 29, 2010

jon stewart rally to restore sanity            rocking chair

DMC issues press release — endorses:

Million Moderates March — to Rally to Restore Sanity


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Dullights of the press release:

The DMC naturally supports all things moderate. And we like to watch marches.

But we are unlikely to attend the rally. We fear it will be too exciting with all those people.

Most of us will stay home — watch the rally on TV from the comfort of our rocking chairs.

Even if we are not able to attend, we’d like the rally to consider these issues — issues affecting our sanity and moderate lives:

  • Ban noisy candy wrappers in theaters
  • Ban upselling and supersizing
  • Stop rest area closings
  • More roundabouts needed in America
  • Tollerance of all fonts, even Comic Sans
  • Ban corduroy bans
  • Shrillometers for the Glenn Becks and Rush Limbaughs of the broadcasting world
  • News coverage for duller activities (raking leaves, shoveling snow, bake-offs, spelling bees)
  • Calmer interludes in news broadcasts (falling rain, icicles melting, rocking chairs)
  • Option to vote “No” in elections
  • Jon Stewart reading from John Stewart Mills at the rally

Comments, addtions, questions? Please contact us: contactus@dullmen.com