tilley hat on nude

The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article “Nudists Seek Corporate Sponsor Looking for Greater Exposure.”

Article’s subtitle: “The American Association for Nude Recreation is on a bare hunt.”

First we need to point out that nude recreation is not for us dull men. We covering this [pun intended] because, not only do we peek out to see what others are doing from time to time, we like puns. Our Groaners page is home to many puns.

The association is the nation’s largest nudist association. They feel this undertaking might be their moment in the sun.

They hope to give potential sponsors a peek at the potential market. For this, a demographic analysis of members is underway.

Some responses so far:

•  E. & J. Gallo Winery sent them a case of their Naked Grape wine.

•  Cortland Beer Co. in upstate New York, brewers of Naked Lap Lager, has not send any to the association yet. They don’t ship out of state and wonder how many members are in New York. “It’s a little cold to be running around naked here,” a spokesman said. He went on to say, however, that on second thought he might give them a call.

•  Tilley Endurables, the famous hat maker from Toronto, has been a sponsor for while now. Tilly’s sun-shielding hats are popular among association members. “We jokingly call ourselves the official uniform,” said a spokeslady.

tilley hat on nude


Click here to read the article in the WSJ.