london police watching riot

London Police . . . actually, police throughout England:

•  Inaction during the riots — stood by and watched

•  Now spending two years watching 40,000 hours of CCTV footage to arrest the looters

Can anyone thing of a duller way for policemen/women to carry out their duties?

Other Nominees — so far this year

•  Michael Kennedy, Hunstanton, Norfolk, UK

•  Terry Green. He’s “Mr Queue,” the voice heard 30,000,000 times at 8,000 locations throgh the U.K. — “Cahsier number three, please.”

•  Keith Richards.

More about the looting

[Work in progress:

We can’t help but think abut the values of the looters compated to the values of dull men.

glitz and glam


can’t convert them quickly to being like us. over time, however, this might happen. Perhaps in prison they will see the light.]