According to an article we came across — “New year’s resolutions for aspiring entrepreneurs” by Francisco Dao —  resolving to lose weight or start going to the gym is not good enough for aspiring entrepreneurs. They resolve to start companies.

Nine resolutions are listed.

We’re impressed that it’s nine. It has a more authentic ring to it.

Makers of lists often strive to hit numbers line ten (David Letterman’s Top Ten List), twelve (Twelve Steps), or fifteen. In this case of these resolution for entrepreneurs, however, the writer apparently feels only nine are needed. He sticks with that number instead of stretching them to ten, twelve, or fifteen.

What’s interesting is these resolutions can be useful for many of us, not only aspiring entrepreneurs. 

 Especially two of them:

Resolution 1:  “I will stop buying stuff I don’t need.” Stop the build up of clutter — save money to boot.

Resolution 9: “I will focus on just one thing.” Single-tasking instead of multitasking — get stuff done quicker and better.