CAS app

The Cloud Appreciation Society (“CAS”) launched its CloudSpotter app for iPhone in June. It’s been an instant success.

The reviews are amazing. (Warning: the reviews contain many exclamation marks, punctuation that can be overly exciting for our members.)

CloudSpotter enables us to easily identify and spot many different cloud species. The app has hundreds of stunning photographs and illuminating descriptions of clouds.

With CloudSpotter, we can build our own collections of cloud pictures and win awards. We can participate and compete with CloudSpotters from all around the world.

Points made in five-star reviews:

  • My favorite app [exclamation mark removed]
  • Finally a great way to keep track or your clouds [exclamation mark removed]
  • It’s fun to learn about clouds, how they develop, what they mean, how high they fly
  • This is a fantastic app
  • Take pictures of clouds and send them to CAS experts for review and awards
  • I love it [exclamation mark removed]

The app is the next best thing to listening to Gavin Pretor-Pinney, founder of CAS, in person. Thursday we did just that — we attended Gavin’s fascinating talk “The Joy of Clouds” at The Idler Academy in London.

Gavin presented, in a lively, enthusiastic way, a clear picture of the origin of the society, the climatological science behind clouds, and the beauty and many unique shapes of clouds.

As our motto is “Celebrate the Ordinary,” we are pleased to hear about “seeing the wonder in the mundane.”

Click here to buy and download the app. Price: a very reasonable $2.99.

Cloudspotter triptych