• Snow shovels
  • Oil Change Intervals
  • Tire rotation
  • One or two spaces after a sentence? click here
  • Filing systems
  • Staples versus paper clips
  • Favorite shades of gray — click here to see our iPhone app about this
  • Apostrophizing

  • Hyphenation
  • “Further” versus “farther”
  • Corduroy — wale width preferences
  • Bait
  • Park benches
  • Toilet paper hanging: over or under?
  • Women being too exciting to join
  • Airport luggage carousels
  • Debits versus credits
  • Computers: Apples versus PCs
  • Web browsers: Safari versus Firefox
  • Lawnmowing — back and forth or round and round?
  • Recycling
  • U.S. presidents’ middle names
  • Raking leaves — to rake? — or not to rake (simply let them lie where they fall)?

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July 20, 2012