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• Breaking News from Scotland: 1190-year-old telegraph pole retires . . . it’ll be in Orkney Museum for future generations of locals to enjoy  . . . click here
•  June is “Rest Areas Month” . . . click here
•  Ever wondered who invented the Eye Chart?click here
•  Excitement is mounting for the 9th pitch drop . . . in Australia’s Pitch Drop Experiment that began in 1927 . . . it’s putting Australia on the map . . . click here
•  Park Bench Appreciation Society . . . the new Facebook Group we started . . . click here to view benches being posted on it now . . . and join the group and post your own photos of benches
•  “Happiness is seeing my bag arrive,” said Grover Click at the Phoenix airport — click here
•  New Guinness World Record for tightest parallel parking — two brothers from Gloucester beat the prior record set by a German — click here
•  “How to use a paper towel” — video of a TED talk — a video that’s safe for dull men to watch — click here
•  “Group for People Who Appreciate Quality Hand-Dryers” . . . a new Facebook group that’s been formed . . . we like it . . . it’s rapidly building up a portfolio of hand-dryer critiques . . . click here

•  Norway is becoming a divided nation — what’s dividing it? — it’s a topic that new and dear to the hearts of dull men — barkside up or barckside down — click here

• “Sound of Cement” — it’s truly safe excitement for us — watching concrete mixing, being poured, and then setting — and especially listening to cement mixers — click here to enjoy the “Sound of Cement”

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•  New icon for our iPhone app about 50 Shades of Gray — now we have a shade for our shades — click here

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  • Single-tasking or Multitasking, which works better? — an informative (and amusing) case study — click here



  • Those magazine subscription cards — so annoying as they keep falling out of the magazine — Dull Men have been pondering this [Dull Men like to ponder] — tips for what to do with them have emerged — click here

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Our website is:

A place in cyberspace where dull men — and women who appreciate dull men, members of the Decent Women’s Club — share experiences, interests, and ways of coping – coping in a world that presents ever increasing number of exciting things to do.

A new way of enjoying the ordinary has come about — www and email. We now share with fellow dull men around the world without leaving home. And, when we do leave home, we consult this website to find ways to avoid excitement wherever we go.

This is not an aspirational website — not a website promising men flatter stomachs, whiter teeth, more money in the bank, and (air-brushed) girlfriends. Instead, we enjoy ordinary things.

We hope you have as much fun viewing our site as we have maintaining it. You too can have a hand in maintaining it. Email your suggestions for content using our Contact Us Form [click here] or Email [click here].Your contributions will be posted to the website and to our blog — our “Dullog.”

Our greatest accomplishment?
Remaining dull despite pressures to change

Key Sections

Calendar of Events

Our calendar lists celebrations of ordinary things — Pancake Day, National Chip Week, Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, and much more.

Airport Luggage Carousels

Our website has what we think is the world’s largest report on airport luggage carousels — clockwise or counterclockwise. We cover over 400 airports, and the list is growing.

Collections & Museums

We like museums of everyday, ordinary things like coat hangers, combs, lawnmowers, dog collars. We avoid glitzy exhibits of famous museums, their wine-and-cheese parties, racing to get headlines, constantly raising funds. We report on over 100 collections and museums, and the list is growing.

Appreciation Societies

We don’t need to appreciate things all by ourselves. There are appreciation societies we join to be with others who also appreciate things like clouds, biscuits, traffic cones. Twenty-one Appreciation Societies are reported on so far on our website.


Formula 1, Ascot, NASCAR — too exciting for us. We like races of slower, more ordinary things. So far, our website reports on racing snails, turtles, gold fish, rubber ducks, ferrets, pigeons, shopping trolleys, lawnmowers, milk floats, donkey carts, Trabants.


Here we reflect on our favorite roundabouts around the world.

Parking Lots

[In development. Here we will be reporting on our favorite parking lots around the world.]

Dull things to do in exciting cities

[In development]

Webcam Traveling

Example: Sistine Chapel — visit it without leaving home — better views than being there in person — much less expensive, much less hassle — click here

Website Graveyard

[In development. This is where we pay tribute to websites that are no longer with us, such as the famous Cambridge Coffee Pot Webcam, the first webcam to stream on the world wide web.]

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