Where do you store your ketchup?

You might think there are more important issues nowadays, but the Great Ketchup Debate has reared its head again. Asda is conducing a poll of shoppers’ views on where they store their ketchup. The poll at the time news articles were written indicates 53% for fridge, 47% for cupboard.

You can vote — ballot is embedded in a news article in The Telegraph. After you vote, the latest results are shown on the ballot.

News articles

Should you keep ketchup in the fridge? Supermarket sparks fierce debate” — The Telegraph

Asda starts storing bottles of tomato ketchup in the FRIDGE as Twitter debate rages about the best place to keep the sauce (but there’s only one right answer)” — Daily Mail

Do you really need to keep ketchup in the fridge? And what about jam, mayonnaise and pickle? The answers will surprise you” — Daily Mail