Josh, who is in our 2024 calendar, has had a passion since childhood that is likely what led to the highly successful career he has now as a comedian, presenter, and actor.

Josh’s lifelong passion has been watching Neighbours, an Australian soap opera about ordinary people living ordinary lives on Ramsay Street in Erinsborough, a fictional suburb of Melbourne.

Josh grew up on a farm in Devon, isolated, no real neighbors. Neighbors opened a wonderful new world. The show’s characters became not just good friends, they became family.

Ramsay Street — Erinsborough, Australia

Josh was not aware he was going to be in our calendar. It was a surprise cooked up by his cohost on Sky TV’s Hold the Front Page show, Nish Kumar.

Josh and Nish were in Cumbria filming drainspsotter Archie Workman (our Anorak of the Year for 2019). During a break, Archie  showed them some of our calendars — a light bulb moment for Nish, who likes to tease Josh about being dull, mainly because of his passion for Neighbors. For a bit of fun, he entered Josh as candidate for our 2024 calendar. It was a perfect fit as we had one month still open.

Nish and Josh on Hold the Front Page

Josh has £5,000 of Neighbours merch


Read more about Josh and his wonderful passion for Neighbours in our 2024 calendar — to order (at lowered prices):

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