minatur wunderland 

Dear DMC

Here is a video of an enormous model railway — and then some — in Hamburg:


Best Wishes
Steve Reszetniak


Dear Steve,

Wunderbar. Danke.

Dull Men like model trains. There’s an orderliness about model trains. The trains simply go around and around. That’s enough excitement for us.

There are no big surprises. Once you’ve watched the train layout for a few moments, you know what to expect.

Once in a while a train will change directions or switch to a different track. But it’s done in a smooth, calm way.

I’m in Washington DC this week. There are two model train displays here. They don’t stack up to the one in Hamburg.

U.S. Botanic Garden: http://www.usbg.gov/exhibits.cfm

botanic gardens model railway

Union Station: http://www.unionstationdc.com/event/new-holiday-model-trains-on-display/2145392684

union station model trains

Sincerely (Dull Men are always sincere, mostly),