Group for People Who Appreciate Quality Handdryers

There’s a lively group on Facebook for People Who Appreciate Quality Hand-Dryers.The Facebook page started February 20. As of February 23, it has 117 members.

Every day there are several new postings about hand-dryers. A remarkable array of hand-dryers — picture and descriptions — is building up.


Origins of the group are explained in initial postings on their Facebook page:

OK here we go; it all started last year. The place? Heathrow terminal 5. The situation? drying our hands. Man those dryers had it licked.

I was astonished, and i found myself exclaiming ‘Now that – that was everything you could want in a hand-dryer [four exclamation points removed]’

But what would you look for in a hand dryer? Have you seen any interesting or unusual hand drying apparatus lately? A custom enclosure perhaps?

What better forum to exchange hand-drying related anecdotes and chit chat than this – The Group for People Who Appreciate Quality Hand Dryers!

Over time Andy May and I (co-founders of People who Appreciate Quality Hand-Dryers) will begin posting our vast archive of Quality Hand-Dryer related photo-texts only previously available to interested friends and family. Stay Tuned [three exclamation points removed].

We have some amazing specimens of extremity moisture-removal-devices that will have you wringing your wet hands with glee and anticipation [another exclamation point removed].

Here’s the URL to the group’s Facebook page:


A 787 version: interesting observation about one model:

Topic for Dull Men’s Club meetings: the various types of hand dryers is
a great topic for Dull Men’s Club meetings — including the matter of
hyphenation — what’s the correct terminology: should it be “hand dryer”
or “hand-dryer”?