German Potato Museum 1Dear DMC

A highlight of our recent trip to Munich was a visit to the Potato Museum

It is located in an office building close to the Ostbahnhof and celebrates the potato in German history and culture.Happily, there are no loud noises, interactive exhibits or garish audio-visual displays.

There is no prominent sign outside to indicate the presence of the museum: just a small section of the information panel that indicates which companies occupy the building.German Potato Museum 2Our visit was a welcome break from the beer, food, architecture, galleries and cultural institutions that make this otherwise beautiful city so over-stimulating.NB: the reception desk sells jars and tubes of potato-based hand cream which makes a splendid gift for dull women.

Best wishes

David Coates

German Potato Museum 3




Thanks David. Potatoes are interesting indeed.

We see that Wikipedia has a list of potato museums around the world: