Thanks to Apple’s “Find My Phone” app and the helpful staff with United Airlines at Washington’s Dulles Airport, an IPhone I thought I’d lost forever is now back in my hands.

The other day, during a stopover at Dulles Airport (a favorite airport for dull men) when traveling from London to Denver, I charged my iPhone in at a United Club. When I left the club, I forgot the phone.

I realized I’d left it behind when the plane was about to take off and the flight attendant announced to switch off cell phones. I reached for my phone in the pocket I normally keep it. Nothing was there.

The plane’s door was already closed.

tell them were it was . . . no longer out on the concourse where

iPhone. IAD

 iPhone. Memphis



Caspar, Wyoming and then Scottsbluff, Nebraska



Sidney . . . looks like it’s making a drop off at Cabela’s




In Chappell now . . . look like it’s making a drop off at the Deuel County Court House





FedEx truck arriving


FedEx man coming across the street