How’s lockdown for you?

There certainly are advantages. I’m avoiding people I didn’t want to see anyway.

I find that I’m happy being alone with myself.

I like the freedom from deadlines. I can start and finish when I want. If don’t get it done today, I can do it tomorrow

How about others you know — how are they coping?

I have friends who are having difficulties. One went so far as to say, ‘Life is not worth living if can’t go out’.

Sometimes people call us dullards. We think ‘dullsters’ is a better term. Any thoughts?

I like it. I see it as the opposite of hipster.

I suppose I could be called a prefabster. In England, I could be called a prefab anorak.

Have you been bored during lockdown?


Any creative ideas bubble up?

Yes. I got an idea to start a new ‘business’ as a photo-based investigator and genealogist. The idea is to help people find long lost relatives, friends, or ancestors.

Even if not literally bored, any ideas pop up while you are spending quiet time in the flat?

Yes, I finally have the time to think more about my ongoing projects and try to get them further. And plenty of new ideas!

What are you looking forward to doing when lockdown is over?

First of all, this new lifestyle is something I want to continue with.

I’ll be moving from Marseilles to Brittany to work on archiving information there about prefabs. During isolation, I had time to prepare an inventory of 400 prefabs there.

The lockdown rules have been lighed up somewhat as regards travel?

Yes, from the 11th of May we are allowed to travel freely as far as 100 km.
I’ll be moving on the 28th of May from Marseilles to Normandy. I want to do this before a second wave of the virus might hit us.

Here’s Elisabeth’s website about her work with prefabs: