One of the best-ever DMC membership applications: Manfred Heinze in Germany has the same breakfast every weekend — has done this for 60 years. The breakfast is an EiBrot — an open-face egg sandwich.

Dear Dull Men´s Club,

I hereby apply for membership in the Dull Men´s Club.

I would like to prove my suitability as follows:

  1.  For about 60 years (that´s what my mother told me) I have been eating egg-sandwiches (in Germany: Eibrot) each Saturday and Sunday morning for breakfast. Sometimes also on weekdays. And on top of that I also make a photo of each egg-sandwich which I collect and publish on Instagram with the following text: »oh, I know it´s totally dull, but it is so documentary.«

2. Recently I started watching bananas getting black. The banana is placed under a plexiglass hood for one month and the process is photographed at regular intervals.

3. I have been an artist for 40 years now and since then I have been painting a cell-like ornament.

4. For 35 years I dress the same every day. I own 4 grey jeans, a grey suit, 20 black shirts, 30 black t-shirts and 8 dark grey cardigans, 30 pairs of black socks and black shoes only (even black sneakers).


5. My favorite color is black and (of course) grey.


6 I am working with great success on completely avoiding exclamation marks


I hereby declare: I have read the FAQs and I’m sure now that I’m totally dull. I therefore ask to become a member of the Dull Men’s Club.

Thank you very much.

With kind regards,

Manfred Heinze

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