Peter Willis — Wocesershire, England — Photographsing all 115,000 of Britain’s postboxes
 peter willis postboxes

Peter Willis, retired postman, has set out to photograph all of Britain’s 115,000 postboxes. So far, he has photographed 2,500. He started when he retired in 2007.

Peter was interviewed this year on BBC Radio 4, click here to listen.

Peter and his wife Diane live in Worcester, county town of Worcestershire in the East Midlands of England.

He has a list of every postbox from Royal Mail. Once he’s taken a picture of a box, he strikes it off the list.”

Not only does he have the list, he has programmed his GPS to beep when he passes a postbox.

Peter is thrilled that he lives near a rare postbox, one bearing the insignia of King Edward VIII. Only 160 boxes were made during his short reign.

Diane accompanies Peter on many of his trips. She often needs to stand guard when he’s out in the middle of a road to get a good shot of a postbox. She also needs to explain to onlookers that Peter is not mad.”




vd card same for 34 years

Here is some seasonably dull news from Yorkshire.  Unfortunately the card in question is not grey, but otherwise Mr Myers seems to have got the right idea.


Steve Reszetniak


That’s right, Mr Myers evidently is one of us . . . steadfast to the nth degree . . . likely will be nominated for our list of Dull Men of the Year.




 58535303 31july116

According to research recently announced, pygmy goats develop “accents” as they grow up.

This groundbreaking research by Dr Elodie Briefer and Dr Alan McElligott at Queen Mary’s School of Biological and Chemical Science at the University of London was published in Animal Behaviour.

Should Dr McElligott be nominated for Dull Man of the Year 2012? (Dr Briefer can’t be a nominee — she’s the wrong gender.)

Or should the goats be nominated?

Here’s the URL for an article about this research on BBC Nature News:




Dear DMC

Another suggestion for 2012’s Dull Man of the Year nominees — the Swede who survived two months in his car:

Spring will come, sooner or later.

Yours sincerely

Wimereux, France

February 20, 2012


Dear François

We used to think of Sweden as a dull country. Except for Stieg Larsson thrillers, Sweden is generally regarded as a dull country. This news about spending two months in a car buried in snow reaffirms the dull image of Sweden.

Thanks for sending this to us.





 iggy lust for slippers

I’m catching up on reading the Sunday Times from last Sunday. I read ‘I’ve got a lust for . . . slippers’. It’s an article about Iggy, who the article describes as the godfather of punk.

But might he now be one of us dull men?

Not only does he lust for slippers, according to the article:

•   He likes to potter — walks around the garden, smells the flowers, listens to the waterfall, watches the clouds

•   He’s a big cloud fancier

•   He’s ploughing through de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America

•   Goes to bed at 10:00 p.m., sometimes even earlier

Here’s the article:

Bryce Blandford