dull 2 

Dear DMC, I thought you might be interested in this video: ‘Dull’ and ‘Boring’ to become ‘sister communities’?.

Emil Bentgen
Cross Junction, Virginia

Dear Emil, thanks for this. It certainly gives us some interesting background about the proposal for twinning. The idea came from a cyclist from Italy cycling through Boring sending an email to a lady who belongs to the Dull Women’s Book Club that formally made the proposal.

Also interesting are the other matchmakings suggested in the video: Chicken (Alaska) and Egg (Switzerland), Hell (Norway) and Little Heaven (Delaware), Kissing (Bavaria) and Sweet Lips (Tennessee).

The video doesn’t mention Intercourse (Pennsylvania) and Fucking (Austria). Perhaps that’s too off-color for Fox News (producer of the video). And too off-color for our website (so please excuse us for bringing it up).

Sincerely (dull men are always sincere, mostly),