We hope you will be able to attend.

For planning, could you let us know — yes, no, or maybe — in an email to contactus@dullmensclub.com whether you will be attending? Thanks, much appreciated.

We will be presenting the Anorak of the Year for 2023 to Tim Webb for his pothole art. We announced the award a while ago but have not yet presented to him in person.

Prior Anoraks of the Year will be there as well as our social media admins and moderators and other dullminaries.

We are working on a new podcast about safe excitement. Recording equipment will be available in case you would like to participate in this.

Tube station viewed from restaurant — the station is on the Central,  Northern, and Elizabeth lines:

Short walk from tube station — Exit 4 (Charing Cross Road exit) — to restaurant:

Balcony where we will be:

Area on balcony set aside for us:

That’s Google’s building — their four colors: red, blue, yellow, green — out the back window

We order and pay for drinks and food (1) with Vapiano’s app or (2) with credit card after ordering from waiter.

Restaurant’s website: https://uk.vapiano.com/restaurant/tottenham-court-road/

Leftover 2024 calendars will be available for free.

Things to visit nearby before and/or afterwards: British Museum, Covent Garden, Charing Cross Road with its bookstores, and the theater district.