Dear DMC

In case members want to know what, exactly, a Cornish pasty is – here is some useful information on the topic.




Steve Reszetniak

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Dear Steve

This is good information to have on hand. It even rises to the level of Essential Trivia. We’ll be entering it in our Essential Trivia section.

Pasty highlights:

  • 3% of Cornwall’s gross domestic production — £65 million per year — comes from pasties.
  • Production of Cornish Pasties dates back to prehistoric times
  • Cave paintings show a woman eating a pasty
  • Cornish Pasties may have been the original fast food
  • Only 19 U.K. products have the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status has now achieved

I see there’s a CPA mentioned. Our accountant readers in the U.S., our CPA members, will be surprised to learn they are not the only CPAs in the world. Members of the Cornish Pasty Association are CPAs also.

Also for our readers in the U.S., please note that the word is “pasty,” not “pastry.”

And note that these pasties should not be confused with pasties worn by strippers.