There were historical hangers as well as contemporary hangers. Hangers of many shapes and sizes. A collapsible hanger. Shaker hangers. A hanger that resembled a cross-bow that actually was a dual-level hanger. A hanger with a brush oh it so a coat could be brushed before being hung. “Wow,” exclaimed Homer A. Halquist when looking at one of the Shaker hangers. “What balance.” Dull Men value balance.  Even Homer’s initials are in balance, two Hs with an A in between: HAH.

“That’s the great value of art,” Homer said, “making something extraordinary from the ordinary.”

coat hangars

A Cedar Contoured Coat Hanger

One of our members, Hank R. Rodd, came out of the closet and confessed that for several years now he’s been collecting hangers. “I’m hooked”, said Hank. He was shy at first in talking about his hangers. But then he really opened up, describing where and how he finds this hangers.  Hank collects hangers on trips, mainly from hotels of course.   But sometimes from airplanes. And even from restaurants. “Hotels don’t mind you taking a hanger,” Hank explained. “It’s not like taking one of those plush bathrobes. “But like most things in life, collecting hangers at times present problems,” complained Hank. “For example, it’s often hard to decide which hanger to take. They’re not all alike. Some are bent out of shape or have scratches on them. I usually take all the hangers out of the closet and put them on the bed. I then arrange them from most to the least attractive.” Hank continued, “I’ve always thought it would impress guests I have over to my house to hang their coat on one of my hangers. But what happens is that, when guests arrive, I greet them and then reach out to hang their coats, I get so flustered that I forget to point out the hanger to them.”

Hang in there Hank.