BREXIT baloon

When we heard the UK will be out of the EU, we wondered whether we should be concerned. After a quick assessment (quicker than we normally do things, we don’t like to rush), we think we will be OK. We can continue to do things we like to do. It will still be OK to be dull.

By looking into this, were are only facing facts after the voting — no matter where we go, there we are. We understand some of our members voted “Remain,” others voted “Leave.” That’s behind us now, we’re moving on.

BREXIT walking away

EU Directives. We enjoy reading them. Each time we hear additional directives are being issued, there’s excitement in the air.

We don’t expect to lose much if any of that excitement — the UK will be coming out with its own directives to replace ones from the EU.

And we can still read the ones from the EU — we can gloat over the fact that we won’t need to follow them.

Moreover, if we wish to, we can continue to follow EU directives even if not required to — we can continue to examine curvatures of bananas, measure sizes of strawberries, and count the numbers of sheets in loo rolls [any more items to add to this list?].

BREXIT banana

BREXIT documents stacked

Transition Rules. There will be stacks of transition rules for us to enjoy reading.

BRIXIT lawyers 4

Lawyers. It will be a bonanza for lawyers. Some of our members are lawyers.


BRIXIT lawyers semi circle

Travel. There’s likely to be paperwork needed now to visit EU countries, visas to apply for, etc. We enjoy paperwork, filing out forms.

BREXIT visa form

BREXIT French visa form

Passport Stamps. There will be more passport stamps for us to collect in our passports.



BREXIT France stamp

Staycations. Many of us already like to take staycations. Perhaps more will do this now if it becomes difficult to vacation in the EU.

BRIXIT East Yorkshire

East Yorkshire



BRIXIT Dullingham

Trivia Expert. One of our members, who loves to memorize things, takes pride in being able to recite the names of all counties in the EU but also their capital cities, populations, and much more. He will still be able to do this even if the UK is no longer an EU member.

BRIXIT European-Union-Member-States-Map_mediumthumb

Tefloned from concern. Our hobbies keep us from spending time worrying about this.





BRIXIT Jeremy Burton