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Kellogg’s NYC, the first cereal cafe in America, opened on Times Square on the 4th of July. Not with a bang — instead it was snap, crackle & pop.

Guests eat cereal at the Kellogg's NYC cafe in Midtown Manhattan in New York City, U.S., June 29, 2016. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

Kellogg’s NYC is at 1600 Broadway — 49th and Broadway. Opening hours 7:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m every day of the week.


A bowl of cereal at the cafe will cost between $6.50 and $7.50. It can be eaten in or taken out. The cafe plans to launch a delivery service later this year.


Kellogg’s is hoping the new cafe will attract millennials who like cereal but prefer it in the form of breakfast bars, that washing cereal bowls is too much of a bother. At Kellogg’s NYC, they wash the bowls for you.

Milk is poured into a bowl of cereal in an arranged photograph in Melbourne, Australia, on Friday, Feb. 18, 2011. Australia's parliament will call executives from supermarket operators including Woolworths Ltd., the nation's biggest retailer, and Wesfarmers Ltd. to query them on how lower milk prices are affecting the dairy industry. Photographer: Carla Gottgens/Bloomberg via Getty Images

But they won’t pour the milk. It’s left to customers to set their own levels of sogginess. “I’m not going to mess with your milk,” said the cafe’s manager. “That is such a personal thing.”

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Another reason for dull men to visit NYC

Now that there’s Kellogg’s NYC, there one more reason for dull men to visit New York. Other attractions in the city are the wooden escalators from the 1920s at Macy’s, sitting on the many wonderful park benches in Central Park, and viewing Manhattanhenge (NYC’s equivalent  of Stonehenge).


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“Cereal by Candlelight”?

A good place for a romantic dinner date, at least for a dull man? Perhaps someday Kellogg’s NYC will expand to include a feature like this.
Cereal by Candlelight

Cereal Killer Cafe

London has two cereal cafes — Cereal Killer Cafe — 120 types of cereal from around the world — plus 30 varieties of milk and 20 kinds of toppings.

Cereal Killer's array

Cereal Killer menu

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