boring votes to twin with dull

The proposal from Dull to Boring was made over a month ago. We have been waiting with baited breath ever since to see how the vote in Boring would turn out.

We are pleased with the result.

What matchmaking might be coming next:

  • Chicken (Alaska) and Egg (Switzerland)?
  • Kissing (Bavaria) and Sweet Lips (Tennessee)?
  • Hell (Norway) and Little Heaven (Delaware)?
  • Intercourse (Pennsylvania) and F–king (Austria)?

For emailing this to us, we thank Diederik Zwager (Singapore), David S. Crawford (Toronto), and Lenore Rosenberg (“a devotee of things dull,” she says, “it’s almost worthy of an exclamation point” (a lady would say something like that, right?, which is why the DMC is men only)).

Click here to read the BBC article about this.