How are you getting along with lockdown?

Life has changed into a new routine of just working mornings and being at home in the afternoon and weekends working in the garden and allotment ~ I kinda like this new routine.

Are you still able to work?

Have been very lucky to be still working while lock down is happening. I still work at the business centre three half days a week as we have the Police based there and a few businesses still operating ~ I think more will come back next week.

Your drain spotting, cleaning and restoring drains, it continues?

Yes, I continue with it, though we have not had rain for weeks.

As a Lengthsman [maintains a ‘length’ of road], I’m  classed as a “Lone Worker” so I don’t come into contact with many people.

Only two of the nine Parish Councils I work for have said they don’t want me to work for them for now, so hey, can do more work for the other seven. The two that stopped the work are town related rather than rural — they didn’t want me to get contaminated by anyone living there.

The new activity you started doing four years ago — restoring road signs — @OldSignPainting — that continues?

Yes, I am still restoring the Victorian road signs as they are in remote locationsn, no isolation required. This is one I have just finished:


I also restored a bus shelter recently:

What are you looking forward to doing once lockdown is over?

We have just been told by Boris that we can go out more so the one thing I am going to do is travel to the narrowboat and start up the engine and maybe go out for a short sail.